It is necessary

It is necessary Ambitious mother does not send to the father of those photos in which she or the child looks silly, ugly or angry.

But to present the family to the father, it is not obligatory to see only smiling faces in photos, just as the hungry person does not need only candies.

It is better to send regularly on some photographs, than at once there is a lot of, but it is rare.

It is necessary to mention both one more more serious and important question.

The father as well as mother, wants to feel that he is necessary and useful.

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Deliberate It is even better to give to good kindergarten.

The sensitive teacher will tactfully protect the child with speech defect from sneers of companions.

Usually the teacher can help the child to correct defect of the speech, than parents because she worries about it less rather.

Deliberate baby talk.

It meets at children who are jealous of the younger brother or the sister if it seems to them that to little brothers and sisters parents show more love and attention see section .

But sometimes the child purposely lisps and without rivals in a family.

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Likes to watch

Likes to watch On a question What color a cube?

correctly designates sometimes more colors.

With a great interest listens to fairy tales, has the most favourite and demands to repeat them again and again.

Likes to watch TV.

Active speech In three years a natural variety variability in speech development of different children is reduced, and all children without any deviations in development have to conform to the belowspecified requirements.

Calls according to the picture of some animals, and also their cubs, household items, clothes, ware, equipment, plants etc.

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They began

They began Jackets a toast a money a bone.

Chupchik a tupchik suptik soup.

Shoshishka a sositka a fosifka sausage.

Chanterelle teremok saw, was knocked the child pronounces the necessary phrase and asked to live in a teremochka.

They began to live together.

The top a gray flank runs by, bears with itself what that bag.

Did not hold, dropped a bag, scattered all from it.

Help a top to collect everything the child collects the cutting picture Vegetables.

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Children The child, serially pressing palms to a table, says a sound with.

Children from snow began to mold lumps.

sasasa sysysy sesese waspswaspswasps mustachemustachemustache ysysys astaastaasta askaaskaaska asmaasmaasma etseetseetse uksuuksuuksu apsaapsaapsa The child squeezes palms and repeats syllabic ranks after the logopedist.

The lump turned out big, but it does not slide.

Children solved to move away from it all superfluous that the lump turned out round.

On a table pictures in the form of a big lump are spread out.

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